Top 5 Sports to Place Bets On

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The online betting market has a lot to offer from sports betting to casino games. Everyone can find a betting market that works for them and in most cases majority of punters prefer the sports since its reliable than virtual games. The advantage of sports betting apart from being available on majority of bookies in Nigeria is the fact that you can predict it and win based on historical events, this being previous statistics.

Majority of bettors have had experience in some of the sports in their early days like football their popularity isn’t because of number of top leagues available but due to the exposure of majority of bettors. This article is going to name some of the top rated sports betting markets to bet on, their bet types and pros/cons also including other favorites to bet on. The following are some of the top rated sports you can bet on and is available on pretty much any online bookmaker operating in Nigeria.

Top Betting Sports


The popular sport that the world loves, this sport is played both professionally or locally for leisure purposes and is the top ranked sport to bet on. Majority of punters understand the basics of the sport and are easy for new bettors.

The advantage of football is that bookmakers have gone over their heads to provide more betting markets and bet types, making it easier to win. The odds in football are relatively fair compared to other sports and usually all professional punters prefer an accumulator bet made up football matches.

The best experience in betting is offered by football in play matches, with majority of bookies developing Apps that enable livestreaming but at a cost (data bundles) and can result in high cost in watching live matches.

The good side about football there are more than 1000+ markets annually and popular leagues ending their season doesn’t stop you from betting, since there are more league matches you can have access to also virtual football betting is available. Best bet types: 3-way, double chance, both teams to score and over/under goals. Pick the best situation to use a bet type.


  • Large variety of markets i.e. NPL, EPL, Serie A among many others.
  • High odds values.
  • Availability of research material i.e. Tipsters, match statistics.
  • Best promotions and odds boost on the accumulator.


  • Time consuming due to a large market option.


Not as popular as football but a good number of punters bet on tennis matches. The notable difference between football and tennis is the wide variety of markets tennis matches are limited to only international leagues and is difficult to find matches since some are limited due to organizations rights and international betting restrictions in some parts of the world. A handful of bookies offer live streaming option on tennis matches and you may not find all top matches being available for betting on. Best bet types: handicap, 2-way and over/under sets betting.


  • High odds
  • A good number of bet types
  • Available on majority bookmakers.


  • Limited markets
  • Limited live streaming

 Horse Racing

The horse racing betting market has gained popularity with punters finding it easier to make a killing over simple bets and usually preferred market apart from greyhounds. The resent popularity is thanks to media exposure to horse betting and tons of articles giving introductions to the sport.

It’s considered a difficult betting option but is more simple than you think and it’s not all about picking a winner but finding the best betting option to win. Here are some of the favorites bet types you can use on horse racing: to win, to place and forecast betting (whereby you pick a horse to finish first and the other second & third position respectively.


  • Good betting markets
  • Relatively fair odds
  • Easy to bet on


  • Limited bet markets


Often considered a man’s game due to intense strength and speed required with a lot of physical contact. It’s offers the best betting experience since its more exciting than tennis or horse racing and a good number of punters prefer livestreaming rugby matches.

You can find betting tips on a variety of sites and articles on how to improve or bet on rugby. Some of the bet types you can use include: winning margin, first team to score a try, match winner and the tournament to scorer. You only need to pick a suitable situation to use any of the bet types that are available to you.


  • Interesting game with action filled matches
  • Offer the best tournaments to bet on i.e. Rugby world cup etc.
  • Good number of bet types
  • Good odds and easy to find value.


  • Limited live streaming options.
  • Not all world tournaments are featured.


If you love boxing then you would love mixed martial arts event better with opponents going for each other, this is by far the most exciting sport to bet on. Despite losing on bets, you still feel satisfied since your pick got the betting of his/her life since majority of punters love a fair fight and losing is common for top rated fighters.

I guess that’s why punters love this sport and betting on it too. The UFC and  MMA are  popular than boxing due to the fact fighters can use both their legs and hands to fight, with acrobatic fighters performing breath taking status delivering knockout punches to their opponent.

Bet types to use include: method of victory (K.O. Or match points), first round victory usually a common pick if an experienced fighter takes on a rookie, draw no bet type is fighter tie on points then your bet is void and you get back your wager amount.


  • Exciting than football
  • Easy to pick a winner based on status
  • Variety of bet types


  • Limited number of fights
  • Fights take longer to schedule

Other popular sports you can take a look at include: boxing, ice hockey, basketball, table tennis, E-sports and American football.

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