Multibet Betting Guide

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A popular strategy for punters in Nigeria is by placing a small wager on a number of football matches and getting bigger returns. The maximum number of multibet or accumulator bets (Acca) depends on the site you use.

Some are limited to 15 matches and some a maximum of 25 matches. Apart from getting bigger returns on winning the Acca gaming strategy is difficult to predict since you are dealing with more matches, the risk of losing increases with each added event. Popular among casual and compulsive (addicted) bettors. It’s also available on both in-play games and virtual sports betting with a large betting market.

Multibet Betting Guide

So how does the accumulator work? it works by picking your favourite teams and placing a minimum wager. Looks simple but it is actually more complex since you need to win all predictions and it’s not easy getting the right prediction every time, unless you are experienced. A professional punter uses a limited number of selection with a limited odd value of 2.00 or 2.30 and select a maximum of 3 matches, with a high wager of about 1000 or 2000 Naira. Despite having more games, the return is low especially if you are using smaller odds markets to minimize risk of losing.

How to place Multibet Bets

First you need to pick your favourite leagues to bet on after an analysis, checking also starting time and try to group each category according to time. The down side of grouping matches in terms of starting time earlier matches may loss before the rest start and its better to chose same starting time if you are an impatient bettor.

Use of betting apps saves time since you can filter bet types, leagues, sports events and starting time. Making matches easy to access and bet on. The following are available markets you can bet please not their more than 1000 available markets in sports and will only mention a few.

Available MultiBet Types in Sports Betting

There are so many different types of betting markets to chose from here are some of the most popular types:

  • 3-way markets (1X2)
  • Double chance
  • Both teams to score
  • Over/under goals
  • Handicap
  • Full-time/half-time
  • Corners over/under

There so many available bet types that are tailored to meet specific meet specific matches.  

Same game multiple betting rules

In some sports events like football European Championship, especially during the knockout stage and finals. There are specific set of combined betting rules that are aimed deciding a win after extra time or penalties. ‘To qualify’ or ‘lift the cup’ such bet types are common during events with extra time and is difficult to find this bet types on league matches.

To avoid any complications it’s best to understand this special types of bets and majority of betting sites offer articles on their website and apps that explain in detail how a multiple bet rule works. Check on the betting terms and conditions before venturing into placing bets you don’t understand how they work.

Also not all markets can be combined on the same game betting markets for example your placing a wager of under 1.5 goals and at the same time your placing a correct score of (1-2). This bet is impractical and is not event possible to win such bets are restricted, on the other placing over 2.5 and picking a winning side is a good bet and the possibility of winning is high.

Same game multiple bet cannot be combined with bets from other matches, therefore you will need to use the standard multiple bet option that allows combinations from different markets and in you are placing bets on a single bet that accumulates to for a multiple bet slip.

The cash out option is not beneficial when it comes to multiple betting since bookies factor in number of selections, combination if any and wager placed. Although some bookies give cash back or free bets in the event you lose a multiple bet by a single match, this is not beneficial to you since winning all bets is more profitable.

Other bonuses and promotion include odd boost for a specific number of selections. The more you bet the higher the odd boost is added depending on the nature of selection and number of selected matches. Usually 3 to 5 selections are added a odds boost, that significantly increases your possible win.

How to find winning Multibet bets

There are so many resources you find online, when looking for information about teams and if have a lot of time at hand you can check out popular leagues. Doing the research is good for you and will help in better choices. Apart from doing the hard work, you can leave it to the professionals by looking out for free tipsters or those requiring pay for a given number of multibets. Saves you the trouble of doing the research and time at a price.

Tips on betting on the Multibets

  1. Use simple bet types. Avoid complex bet types like correct scores on the accumulator. Focus on over/under, both teams to score, home team or away team wins and first half/full time. Simplicity is key in accumulator bets and reduces your chances of losing.
  2. Exploit the numbers. Try and thing for a moment why the odds are given this way not that way. Asking question will improve your observation skills and you can easily pick a winning accumulator bet and win.
  3. Limit selections according to time. Matches having different running times on the same bet slip can easily cause you to panic or pick selections quick in order to get more selections on the accumulator. This type of betting is prone to error and you may be emotionally unbalance when picking matches in a hurry.
  4. Understand how to win on each bet type. The common human error is picking bet types you don’t relate to or understand how they work.
  5. Limit yourself to comfortable number of selections. Too many selections equals to too many risks. There’s such a thing as having too many options!

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