How to Get Over a Losing Streak in Sports Betting

After deep analysis of matches to bet on you end up losing over a period of time usually a week or even a month. Unfortunately, every punter has been through this, even you reading this! Losing streaks can be long and majority of punters continue this streak because they don’t know when to quit.

In online betting its always wise to understand when it’s time to stop and their betting control organisation that support responsible gambling. The other major cause of losing streaks is acceptance for majority of punters they usually have a hard time excepting defeat and therefore end up causing more harm than good.

Get over losing streak

How to protect yourself from the losing streak is not guaranteed but you can learn how to better control or discipline yourself against a losing period. Remaining calm after a lose is a skill majority of punters are yet to master a professional or long-term punters understands when it is necessary to stop and have developed strategies to end a losing streak.

However, developing a strategy without discipline it’s a waste of time, for strategy to work you need to follow it first and remain faithful to the end.

Know your playing style

The first step is known yourself, majority of punters do not known what type of style they like and generally depend on tipsters found over the internet. There three known type of styles used in online betting: the casual gambler, the professional and the compulsive (uncontrollable).

  • The casual gambler, this type of punter usually bets once in a while and stakes little amount of money. They gamble online to pass time or bet along friends to later on watch the game live. They set a limits on amount of money to spend and are usually not willing to spend more over a given period. Their profits usually don’t matter since they have other sources of income and betting is usually not viewed as a source of income.
  • The professional, they are experienced more in online betting have good strategies and are making a living out of online gambling. They believe in staking large results in huge profits and are risk takers, looking for better odd markets. This style of professional gambling requires calmness, discipline and patience, all this traits takes years to master.
  • The compulsive gambler, punters in this category are considered uncontrollable they tend to exhibit signs of addiction that’s daily betting, variation on stake amounts and betting without a stake plan. Under this style majority of punters are feeling the effect of gambling with some running into debt due to excessive gambling, family issues and health problems. However there are some punters who have mastered daily betting and are making a living out of it.

How to react when you win or loss

The type of reaction you exhibit is key when you loss or win. Majority will exhibit happiness after winning a large bet and you can physically see their change of behavior. On losing there are some who will remain calm, go through depression or show anger to objects like throwing away phones or smashing them.

How you react can change your way of think after a loss you may decide to chase loses by staking on other bets in an effort to recover losses and usually you are causing more harm than good. After a good win some will react by staking more of their winnings in an effort to win more. It may seem logical at the time but you may end up losing won profits due to greed. Therefore we recommend you develop discipline to prevent such unwanted reactions.

Accepting defeat is part of the process

You can’t win them all but you can lose it all. Understanding that losing is part of the game will give you a sense of calmness and you are better positioned to deal with the results after, unlike a punter having difficulty in accepting defeat.

No body likes losing their money and emotional control is key. Staying humble in the event of a loss is a skill few will master and people with overdeveloped ego should just avoid betting since its more challenging. Also avoid a tipster that has 100% winning rate since their hiding something it’s not possible to win all predictions no matter how professional you are and the best advice is expect anything can happen in online betting.

Steps to get over a losing streak

The following are the common steps followed by professionals and can help you comeback from a losing streak. We recommend the following for punters new to gambling to try out the 3 steps.

  1. Take a break for online gambling. What we mean by taking a break is not like a lunch-break of an hour but a long break about a month is the standard recommendation from online gambling. Benefits of taking a break: you become better organized, you can build on better strategies and helps you to identify and correct mistakes. Also cools down things, clears the mind and helps you reconsider options.
  2. Take time and analyze your strategies. In order to understand your mistakes you need to review them first and you should take into consideration an analysis of your strategies. Going through previous results in your betting slip may seem like a waste of time buy in the real sense you are learning and adapting to make sure mistakes made earlier are not repeated.
  3. Get over it. Dwelling on near wins is not going to change the fact you lost. Accept and move on.

How to avoid relapsing

  • Create a strict limit on amount to wager and number of events to bet on.
  • Avoid chasing losses, leave to fight another day and may today isn’t the day for you and focus on tomorrow it might bring good luck than today.
  • Keep emotions in check, breathe in and try to move away from your disappointment by switching off the phone or match you were watching.
  • Create a winning mentality, avoid losing hope quickly but pray for a comeback if your bet is losing.

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