Is Paying for Vip Betting Tips Worth it?

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This is an emerging trend among bettors in Nigeria with dozens of tipster sites asking for gamblers to pay in order to get vip betting tips or odds for pre-match events. Paying is considered a risk since you are not the one analyzing but actually paying for a service and usually scammers, who know little about betting, seek the opportunity to ask for pay either way they don’t lose but you the bettor loses twice the first is on placing bets and the second is when you send money to get betting tips.

It’s also important to note there are also free betting tips sites giving tips each day that are actually better than those provided by sites asking for pay and unless you are sure about a particular site its always important not to pay first.

Paid VIP Tips

The common question on every punter’s mind in Nigeria is who to trust and who not to for vip betting tips. This article seeks to answer some of the questions and also provides tips on picking such sites.

Who to trust and who not to

Technology has made information easy to access with majority having access to the internet, its easy to provide a list of games pick out favourites to win and also create accumulator odds. Paying for betting tips is not a bad thing since you can make a steady monthly income or improve number of winnings.

The down side of paying is that your are not sure and usually such kind of people offer odds based on a guess. However majority of the time such bettors are correct due to experience in online betting and its on rare occasions to find booked bets losing. The scammers will provide detailed information of a match giving out correct scores, fixed matches and high odd values.

They also provide details of previous winnings showing bet slips, in order to influence  you in paying for their services and usually they earn their money from you rather than their bets. If a site has a social media platform always check on the comment section. You may find valuable information about tipsters and usually scammed users complain more through social media sites. If you are not good at betting its better to leave it to the professionals and paying for such service isn’t a bad idea but first do the research on such sites.

Looking for details about the tipster is key in establishing trust and paying after is considered a better option to randomly paying for services. If you have the time to do deep analysis of games, then paying for betting tips should not be your first priority and you may find better odds without the help of professionals. Usually people with limited time venture into tipster territory for help since betting is time consuming.

How to Find the Right Tipster for VIP Tips

Firstly, a tipster first contact tells you more about them and can determine if the betting tips are good or not. Imagine paying for your first tips, that you had been guaranteed a must win and you end up losing twice to the bookie and the tipster.

In an effort to market their business majority of online tipsters are asking for pay after, although this viewed as bad for business it actually builds trust and also posting of previous records boost morale for gamblers wishing to pay for tips. They also provide screenshots of winning but don’t let that fool their some losses edited out of the picture.

Not all predictions go as planned and you should probably question why they aren’t losing a single match and usually they offer edit out losses for marketing purposes or simple to scam innocent punters.

  • Avoid tipsters that don’t like being asked background questions about their vip betting tips it’s a clear sign of something wrong with their history and majority don’t like being asked questions. They usually retaliate trying to intimidate date you by issuing threats or warnings of you being denied access to their services.
  • Ask for previous samples of the tipsters work you can also request to pay after and check on their reviews a small review is considered fair but tipster who uses a lot of words is just beating around the bush and is not really sure. The fewer the analysis per game the better.
  • Make extra precautions when dealing with tipster on popular social media platforms, a tipster does not necessarily need your bank account or personal details to offer you tips and such scams have created losses to unaware gamblers. No matter how good the tipster is personal details should always remain private since they can easily access accounts.

What you should keep in mind

  1. The bets offered to after paying or before should be correctly placed and understand their betting tips. Some punters try to be clever change predictions with the aim of getting higher odd values in order for a tip to valid it has to be the same pick as that of the tipster and therefore altering results changes everything.
  2. Understand how the tipping services are provide in accordance to your location especially if the tipster isn’t from Nigeria. The solution is to subscribe to alert service to ensure each time a tip is available you get notified.
  3. Access better odds immediately since there is a gap between a tipster updating a match the odds tend to be lower at the start of a match getting tips early means better profit.

Expand your options

Betting tips subscriptions are usually the best for vip betting tips since they run over a period of time depending on amount paid and with access to multiple markets its wise to utilize all the available tips. It will help in getting back losses and also ensure money spent on purchasing the tips is returned, through exploitation of different bet markets.

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