How to Stop Losing in Sports Betting

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Every Nigerian punter know, losing a bet isn’t always easy. It can be the worst feeling in the world and if not checked can be harmful to your health both physical and mental. There are so many articles that we can have access to in the internet but nothing seems to be changing in terms of losing your losing streak and you may need a second opinion.

Well, you may have two options; if things aren’t changing the obvious one is to quit betting and the other is to reorganize yourself to developing better strategies, taking a break from the gamble life. No matter the case it all comes back to luck. Most punters suffer behind fake smiles especially after a losing streak cheating themselves, they will win next time.

Stop losing in betting

Insanity they say is having similar solutions and expecting same results if you don’t find the problem and correct it, you might be in for even longer streaks. The best you can do is review yourself, betting styles, habits and check if emotions influence your actions towards betting. Taking a review of your betting life can help in correcting it and few people take this into account. So, if you are ready for change, we suggest you continue reading.

The comeback ability

Sometimes you get knocked and your ability to get back up is determined by your strategies put in place and usually majority take longer to get back to winning ways. While some start of badly and continue having longer streaks throughout a football season. If you are that kind of punter it’s time to quit. There is life away from betting and may betting is not your thing.

Being able to maintain your bank account, mindset and calmness is a skill. Acceptance is not a sign of submission but strength if you can find peace with winning you can also find it when you lose.

You must develop strategies to follow after a win or loss both will prevent you from going over your head and also helps in better decision making. Few punters have strategies that help them retain a consistent playing style and discipline also plays a part and without discipline your strategies are just a waste of time.

Betting tips

Tips in betting are simple tricks you can use to win. The following are some of the tips you can use to win and it’s important to note they’re not sure ways to win.

  1. Find a favourite league. Everyone has a favorite team and have spent a large number of time studying a team or a league. You can use your knowledge as an advantage and win.
  2. Find the best odds. Finding value in odds is a key factor when it comes to betting and prevents you from going over your head picking accumulator matches or multiple bets. Find value in odds and bet on 2 to 3 matches using a significant wager amount (500 Naira).
  3. Limit bet types and selection on matches. By limiting number of selections your better positioned to win, reducing number of bet types also prevents losses on the accumulator and you should not mix bet types unless your sure you can win.
  4. Expand your reach. Find less popular sports like boxing, tennis or handball, with enough knowledge on such events you are better positioned to make a large win and moving away from popular sports like football can be profitable.
  5. Don’t chase loses. In the event one match is losing in mult-bet and the other running bets are winning and you may see a window of opportunity to get back lost bet and in most cases running back to bet again before the match ends is usually not a good idea. You may end losing twice or winning to avoid risking it all its best to accept a lose and get over it.

What to do in the event of a loss

The best way to bet is responsibly and you may not see the effects until its too late. The following are some of things to do in the event of a loss and you can still add on some of your theories when developing your strategies.

  • Calm down. Yes doing nothing is considered being calm as you plan your next step and it’s also opens your mind. Being angry after loss only worsens things since your brain isn’t working under normal conditions you may end making rash decisions that you may end up regretting.
  • Take a long break. Taking long periods away from gambling helps to reorganize and adjust your strategies. Switching off your betting app is a more likely recommendation and do what you love doing to keep your mind occupied.
  • Lower self-esteem. Avoid blame games and set aside your ego. It’s an obligation to accept that you lost and trying to find someone to justify your loss should be beyond you. Lowering self-esteem will help you better speed up the process of reverting back to winning ways.
  • Review past results. Learning from mistakes is the best teacher go back to your bet slip results find out why you lost and develop solutions to avoid repeating the same.

Rules to follow to get back to winning

  1. Don’t rush but take your time. Running into betting in last effort to regain lost bets is a sign of desperation and it not uncommon to find people making rush decisions after a loss. The best way to get back to winning ways is through a calm and steady mind. Chasing losses can only lead to more misery.
  2. Be ready to accept defeat. Blaming yourself is a good indication that you mind and a mistake and your ready to accept you lost. Finding excuses will prevent you from accepting responsibility and you will never learn unless you find yourself accepting defeat or blaming yourself. Being honest with yourself will better you and can improve your winning ways.
  3. Double check and also revisit after a loss or win. Majority avoid simple steps like going back to lost bets and tend to focus more on the future than the past.

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