Draw Betting Guide and Strategy

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The 3-way betting option has been a common selection for majority of punters. With a limited number of selections, draw bets have become popular over night with some bookies offering cash returns on draw no bet depending on their terms and conditions. Draw betting is like splitting your wager into two covering the home team odds and also the away team.

Usually higher than most markets with a 2.50 average ratio in terms of odds, draw bets are the most profitable and also risky without a proper draw betting strategy. There are many scenarios that can lead to a draw especially in football. As you are probably witnessing during top national championships Euro 2020 majority of the teams past the group stages went into extra time or penalties after a draw and as you know teams usually don’t start off with aim of sharing points.

Draw betting guide

This is why the odds are high at the start of a match. Another reason for a likely draw is when a favourite is losing to an underdog the behind team will try hard to get back a point or finish level at the end of the match. A good draw betting guide and strategy can enable you to detect possible draws with high odds. Good discipline is one of the strategies needed in online betting rushing to get value in odds without proper information is a recipe for disaster and since no one likes losing money it’s important to be disciplined first.

In this article you will find ways to predict draws, best draw strategies among other important information.

How to predict draws in football

Draw bets in football are common but how and when to predict them becomes a challenge without developing a strategy. There are two types of betting live betting and pre-match. Live betting gives you the chance to rule out a win especially if both teams are showing strong defense and therefore conceding a goal is difficult. On the other hand pre match analysis is difficult to predict a draw since there is no real time data and therefore difficult to predict a draw.

Separating the odds

Traditional betting markets have 3 sets of odds the home, draw and away odds. Let’s take an example of the following sets of odds (2.30, 2.80, 2.05) and (5.60, 2.80, 3.01). The first set has almost identical odd values but the draw is the same, the possibility of a draw 2.80 for both sets.

The first set the draw odd is higher and in the second set the draw value is lower. Understanding how the odds are determined by the bookie is key in this case the first sets has the highest possibility of a draw while the second on the chance of winning on a draw are slim.

Best draw betting strategiesd

  • Position in the league plays a role in motivation. Teams within the same range and points, are side to be equal in quality hence a draw is viewed as likely outcome since both teams are equal in strength. You may notice that bookies also have the same views and their odds are vary slightly over a range 0.5 to 0.9 for both home team and the away, the draw usually holds an odd of 3.30 or less depending on the match. Get information on previous match results and encounters, history may at times repeat itself.
  • Lower conversion rate of goals offer better chances of a draw. Teams known to concede fewer goals are known to offer better chances and the outcome of a draw is higher in few goal scoring match. Also teams missing out their top scoring have fewer goals.
  • Last fixture draws. Teams face off in last league matches so secure a point to avoid relegation or to qualify for other leagues like the champions league. Underdogs go for draws or sometimes a win against close teams in the league it not uncommon for the already crowed to be defeated by teams facing relegation. Hence a high chance of sharing points.
  • Consecutive draws by a specific coach. A coach my train his team to settle for draws rather than losing all three points, it’s a common strategy used in modern football and has seen coaches lift cups at the end of a season. Previous results are important in identifying such teams with a high record on number of draws and consecutive draws in a game week.
  • Draws by the underdog. Underdogs playing at home grounds play aggressive making more chance and get forward more and can easily score against a favorite. The favorite faced by difficult opponents tend to settle for a draw rather than risk winning and ending up losing all three points.

Understanding the progressive draw betting strategy

Also known as the trap, it focuses on long term prediction that allows you to pick a team especially in European Championship or the Euro Tournaments that have knockout stages and usually draws are higher during this stage, also semis have a equal share of draws. T

he progressive draw strategy is simple to understand since you are picking a favorite to draw more in order to win. This progressive strategy is an alternative to the popular Martingale draw betting strategy and requires you to raise 100%.

The progressive requires you raise only 50%. Martingale strategy allows you to double your money incase of a win. Starting with 100 Naira, the progressive draw strategy on the second bet is 150N and on the loss is (100+150) while for the Martingale is 200 Naira.

If you lose a total of 4 consecutive times you will need to bet 337.0 Naira while for Martingale you will only need 800 Naira to get double your profits if you win. The progressive strategy is attractive because of less money required on wager unlike Martingale strategy that requires higher wagers.

Tipstesr can be vital in providing details on draws and therefore try to analyze all available information before picking a draw bet. It mighty looks simple but draws are nowadays tricky to predict correctly.

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