Introduction to Greyhound Racing Betting

The greyhound racing is not as popular among Nigeria punters with a few exploiting the sport and for this reason it is possible to make a profit out of such unpopular markets. The greyhounds racing is simply lining up dog breeds to race in an oval track and usually dogs are trained. Unlike horse racing that requires a rider/jockey, the usually small dogs run in an enclosed racetrack and are not in contact with their trainers during a race.

On net types there are almost similar to the horse racing and offered depending on the type of race. The odds can be viewed as fraction or decimal with bookies providing also options on changing the odds setting into either. Why bet on greyhounds racing? The best answer is that it’s a less popular sport that bookies place wagers on and can be useful to bookies looking to make a living out of betting.

Types of Greyhound Racing Bets

Introduction to Greyhound Racing Betting
Greyhound Racing

As you continue reading through the bet types you will notice that some bets are familiar with the horse racing types with a little twist. The following are common bet types you can find on greyhounds racing.

  • Win – betting on the winning greyhound to come first in a race
  • Place – a wager for a greyhound to finish first or second Safer way of betting than picking a winner the down side of this type is reduced payout amount.
  • Show – similar to place your betting on a greyhound to finish first, second or third
  • Exacta – also known as a forecast, when you choose two dogs, one to finish first and second place in the same race in a specific order. For the bet to be valid the winning greyhound should be first followed by your second choice its more profitable but risky.
  • Reverse exacta – similar to exacta can also be called a reverse forecast. Select two greyhounds to finish first and second in the same race in any order and is a favorite for majority of punters.
  • Trifecta – where you pick three dogs to finish first, second and third in the same race in a particular order and should follow the exact order for the bet to be valid.

The basics of greyhounds racing

The greyhound racing has different terminologies from horse racing and in order to be a fan of greyhounds racing you need to understand the basics of the sport. Below are some of the fun facts about the sport. Each Greyhound is lined up for racing inside special structures known as traps that release them once the race begins simultaneously and each dog has a special vest like cloth that is worn with number on it.

A standard trap holds about 6 greyhounds at time or 8 depending on the race type. In the past a rabbit or a hare was placed  in front of the dogs to chase but it was later on changed bring in an artificial object that travel ahead of the dogs. The dogs are trained to chase this objects to the finish. Majority of racetracks for greyhounds are oval shaped to accommodate dogs in corners and is about a distance of 500 meters or more depending on the race.

Greyhound race on racetrack fitted with dirt or turf surfaces and depending on the race conditions can affect the performance of a dog and that why you should consider racetracks while doing your research. The greyhounds are relatively fast therefore the need for use of technology to determine winners at the finish line and similar technology used in the Olympics is also applied here to determine close winners.

Top rated Greyhound Racing betting events

There are some events as punter you should miss, the following are some of the best and biggest greyhounds racing events in the world.

  1. English greyhounds derby
  2. Melbourne cup
  3. Greyhound Night of stars

Is one of the oldest racing events started in early June 1927 in Wimbledon but moved to Towcester takes place between June and July each year with dog owners having a chance to take home 99, 802.60 Naira as cash prize. The Melbourne Cup takes place in November at Sandow Park in Australia with a cash prize pot of 108,931,051.48 the event attracts all of the best runners from the region, making it one of the prestigious competitions of the year.

The greyhounds run for 515 meters in an oval racetrack. The Greyhound Night of Stars is an annual event that brings the best dogs from around the globe to compete. Organizers hold races of various distances to  celebrate the sport and its competitors. The Night of Stars is held at Shelbourne Park in Dublin and Ireland. Greyhound racing betting tips

  • Take weather conditions into consideration. A wetter track often favors front-runners and greyhounds that run wide. Dry conditions favor fast runners.
  • Avoid placing wagers that offer less than even money as payouts. Look for even odds (2.00).
  • Favor up coming young greyhounds over runners with a lot of mileage as competitors.
  • Don’t bet on races with too many runners-six or fewer is ideal it is hard to determine a winner.
  • Factor in positioning. If the dog in Trap 2 tends to run wide around corners, this is advantageous for the runner in Trap 1. If the greyhound in Trap 5 goes inside around the bend, this helps the dog in Trap 6. Find detail information concerning running styles and check their positioning.
  • Dig deeper in your research and look at the runners’ last handful of races. Are they improving in form or getting worse. Try to find out why they lost is it the weather or the racetrack or their age all factors should be considered if you are a beginner learn from trusted tipsters.
  • Dogs positioned closest to the rail have the advantage except when it’s wet, they tend to slide and have difficulty maneuvering corners.
  • The more familiar you are with a particular location, the easier it is to visualize how a race will play out.

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