Double Chance Betting Guide

The double chance betting type allows you to cover two possible outcomes at the same time, This bet type is derived from the traditional 3-way betting that is (1×2) and you can simply pick two options that is 1(home) or X(draw), 2(away) or X and finally 1(home win) or 2(away team win).

This three simple options are known as the double chance betting type they allow us to spilt the possible outcome into two, if the home team win or draw your bet is valid, the second option wins if the away team draws or wins and finally the elimination of a draw requires that they must be a winner at the end of an event, if a draw occurs at the end of 90 minutes you lose the bet but either side wins the bet is valid as a win.

Double Chance Betting Guide

Despite the bet option increasing the chance of winning from 30% to around 60% a good number of punters in Nigeria tend to avoid placing wagers on double chance and this is due to low odds offered by majority of bookies in the Nigerian market. In online betting double chance doesn’t necessarily mean your doubling on profit but it simply means increasing chances of winning to fifty-fifty by increasing number of possibilities too more than one and as a results markets have lower odds values.

This article will touch on how double chance works, advantages & disadvantages, when to best use this option, common questions asked and thoughts on this type of betting.

How Double Chance Betting works

As explained earlier, the double chance works with the same way a 3-way bet type works but is special in that it splits possible outcomes into two so that if one losses you have a better chance of winning on the other. It used to bet on a favorite and back up with the second possible outcome and is good for sports like football.

Since it minimizes the risk of the 3-way betting style and is considered less profitable but more safer than the other types of betting. If you are new to online betting we recommend using the double chance it’s less profitable but good for you as you learn how to bet using aggressive bet types like over/under, both teams to score among many other bet types.  

The Advantage and Disadvantages of Double Chance Betting


There are many advantages to double chance betting apart from increasing the chances of winning.

  • it also easy to understand and works well with multiple bets or accumulator odds.
  • You can also cover options.
  • Great for placing high wagers and can offer considerable returns.


  • lower odds make it less profitable.
  • Limits you from accessing better odds.

When is the best time to use double chance betting?

A good question asked by many, the answer is simple there is no best way to use but best situation on when to use the double chance and usually majority of us use the double chance in the following situations.

After deep analysis of a match: details you find when digging in for possible match results is key and provides possible outcomes. If their two possible outcomes use the double chance option but if find there is only one way of winning stick to the 3-way their no specific formula to gambling its all based on strategy and luck.

Bet on the equally matched opponents. In top leagues their some rivals who usually have a hard time getting points and they end up sharing points on a goalless draw or even goal score line. In such situations whereby a draw is considered possible its wise to use the double chance in this case backing the possible winner and a draw.

Look for teams closely following each other on the league table and are equal in points. Such teams have no issue sharing points.

Motivation. If a team is motivated after coming from a humiliating defeat they may look for a win or draw in order to not lose points. This two possibilities should viewed as an advantage to winning a bet since motivation pushes players to play aggressive attacks or defensive tactics with the aim of winning or a draw. Placing bets on underdogs playing home games to win or draw.

If you are not sure. In some cases you find you aren’t sure that the team you are backing can win since all odds are stacked against them its probably wise to pick a bet that can win and back it with the most likely outcome. Spreading the risk ensures that you still win in the event a favorite loses.

Difficult to predict matches. Some matches like finals or knockout stages are hard to predict and usually a double chance is a preferred option. Bookies may state a bet is void due to drawing level at the end of normal time and majority don’t usually consider goals scored during extra time or penalties. To avoid losing on this bases it is safe to consider backing a favorite with a second option using the double chance since majority of finals like the Euros go into extra time and penalties.

Double Chance Betting Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Is double chance betting option available in all markets? No, double chance is not always available on all markets depending on your bookmaker you are limited to a small market but majority of bookies in Nigeria offer this type on all football markets.

What type of bet offers the lowest chances of losing? Double chance offers the lowest possible chance of losing and gives a two way betting option, give you fifty-fifty chance of winning a difficult bet.

Thoughts on this type of betting? If you looking for a safer way of winning and avoiding minimum risks. Then the double chance betting style is a good option for you since you can spread risks and increase the chance of a win. This type of betting is great for high wagers.

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