Introduction to Darts Betting

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The popular bar game in most local bar joints in Nigeria is also available in online betting markets. Only this time professionals compete for titles or cups in official tournaments and not in bars/pubs. You may have noticed a circular shaped board placed on the wall of local joint where people come and play for fun.

In professional levels or Darts championship players compete in front of fans and usually the event is available on super sports during such tournaments. The Darts game is played by directing an arrow shaped metallic object (the dart) into a target the circular-colored board (with red, black and green colors) better known as the cork board.

Darts Betting Guide

Usually in bars it’s hard to notice this game since its placed in a strategic place hidden from other customer to ensure safety since majority can be irresponsible and walk in front of the cork board. If you wish to bet on darts we suggest you keep on reading to get a feel of how Darts is played in the championship level and rules used.

Dart Betting Rules

The basic rule on darts is that its between two or more players and each takes turns to throw darts into the cork board. The points are determined through special scoring zones ranging from 1-20 and there are also rings on the outside and middle of the board, which are the double and triple zones respectively.

A player can score a maximum of 60 points for a single dart on hitting the triple 20 or nothing at all on missing the cork board. The main aim is to remove starting points to zero and players are to finish on a double or the bullseye. In professional championship tournaments players start of with 501 points and take turns to throw darts on each turn  (a turn has 3 darts).

While driving the numbers players have to keep in mind in order to win they must finish on a double or a bullseye. Some will throw for a triple 20 or triple 19 to maximize on points. If you hit your last double to, you win the leg. There are a set number of legs in darts, which changes depending on the tournament. Matches can also be split into sets, so a player may have to win three legs to earn a set or three sets to win the match.

This is important to know when betting on darts, because you can bet on the number of legs in a match or the correct score on sets. In order to win the set selected must finish as your picked bet type and therefore always check the tournament your betting on.

Best darts tournaments to bet on

  • Premier League of Darts, which is a 16-week tournament consisting of the top-ranked players in the world. The tournament, which takes place between February and May, takes in some of the biggest arenas in the United Kingdom, Ireland and the Netherlands, with thousands of fans following all the action.
  • World Grand Prix and the Grand Slam of Darts. The United Kingdom Open is another massive competition which started in 2003, while the European Championship aims to draw in some of the biggest names in the European darts scene.
  • World Championships which take place in December and January each year by the British Darts organization.
  • Non-ranking darts tournaments that players battle hard to win. They include the Master were 16 top ranked players in the world and the world series of darts that takes place in different parts of the world (German, Singapore, Australia and event China). The good thing about the world series is that there are more tournaments through out the year to bet on.

Dart Betting live streaming

The best experience in betting on darts is through live streaming in Nigeria with top bookies offering this option in their website or application. Also watching from the comfort of your home is possible with Super sport providing live matches that you can experience for yourself.

Dart live betting

The live betting option is usually the best if you are a rookie or not sure if a player is in top form and you can watch through live streaming. To get a feel of the event and how each player is doing during each turn and the best way to get value is to look the best odds.

The advantage with live betting is that you are in control and you can beat the bookmaker. The main disadvantage of using livestreaming is that its data consuming unless you have access to Wi-Fi and the other noticeable disadvantage is that games are played in different time zones so can be inconvenient for you.

Darts betting markets

There are a number of markets that you have access to and the commonly offered bet types include:

  • Match winner. Simplest for of betting and also the easiest to understand. There usually two players in a darts competition and they take turns to throw their darts.
  • Handicap betting. A popular pick where there is a favorite, usually advantage or a disadvantage is give on number of legs and enables punters to find value in odds.
  • Outright winner. Popular for the UK opens or the world darts championship, that requires you to back a player who will win the tournament.
  • Who will win the leg. This is a an example of aggressive gambling your taking the high risk moving from safer bet types to a difficult one and you can pick a player to win a specific leg (To win leg 15 or 16 depending on the event).
  • First/Most/Total 180. You can bet on a player to reach 180 points first, player to have the most or total of 180 points.
  • 9 dart finish. You have to predict which player will finish 501 points in 9 darts to win a leg.
  • Highest player check out. Predict the highest check out points a player can achieve (under or over).
  • 170 finish. Points a player can achieve in 3 darts finish.

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