This is a selection of our top tips with a very high chance of success. Stake high in individual tickets for each match or as one multibet.

Germany Hamburger SV – Stuttgart X2  <      >
Argentina CA Mitre – Deportivo Madryn 1X  <      >
Finland Hercules – Rovaniemi 1  <      >
Norway Frigg – Lokomotiv Oslo 1  <      >
Norway Vindbjart – Fredrikstad 2 1X  <      >



This is a multibet with a selection of all our top predictions for the day. Select a few matches from this list to bet on, break the multibet in multiple tickets, or stake low if included in a single multibet.

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GERMANY: Bundesliga – Relegation
Bet Result
Hamburger SV vs Stuttgart Ov2.5 Bet
ARGENTINA: Primera Nacional
Bet Result
CA Mitre vs Deportivo Madryn Un2.5 Bet
ARGENTINA: Primera D – Second stage
Bet Result
Deportivo Muniz vs El Porvenir Un2.5 Bet
BULGARIA: Parva liga – Relegation Group
Bet Result
Hebar vs Beroe Ov1.5 Bet
EGYPT: Premier League
Bet Result
Zamalek vs Al Ittihad 1 Bet
ICELAND: Icelandic Cup
Bet Result
Thor Akureyri vs Vikingur Reykjavik Ov2.5 Bet
ICELAND: Icelandic Cup
Bet Result
Breidablik vs Hafnarfjordur Ov2.5 Bet
NORWAY: Division 2 – Group 2
Bet Result
Brann 2 vs Tromsdalen Ov2.5 Bet
NORWAY: Division 3 – Group 1
Bet Result
Frigg vs Lokomotiv Oslo Ov2.5 Bet
NORWAY: Division 3 – Group 4
Bet Result
Vindbjart vs Fredrikstad 2 Ov2.5 Bet



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Value bets are those with very high odds as well as a high chance of success. You can bet on the matches separately or in a single multibet with a medium stake.

4 Aug Thu 5 AugToday 6 Aug Sat

Time League Match Tip Score
17:00 ITA CUP Udinese vs FeralpiSalo 1
17:00 EST Tammeka vs Flora 2
20:00 EGY El Gouna vs Zamalek X2
20:15 POR Benfica vs Arouca 1
20:00 EPL Crystal Palace vs Arsenal X2
19:45 IREL 2 Cork City vs Athlone 1
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How to Place Winning Bets

Betting has over the years been a well-known easy way of making money through prediction of pre-match result as well as in-play matches and with betting becoming among the most addictive forms of games.

Like everything in life there is always a good side and bad side of it, the upside of betting is that we all have a chance to get that win as well as the loss.

Today, we are going to discuss some of the 10 ways of placing winning bets in football matches. After this review, we hope you may start or be back to your old winning ways!

  1. Don’t be greedy.

Most punters love going for the big odds not knowing that most of the high odds have the price of doubt since bookmakers have been in business for a long period of time they mostly give out high odds on almost impossible odds.

So you are more like to choose a high odd hoping to achieve a big win at full time but am sorry to say most matches end with a different outcome since football as we all know it is unpredictable.

When placing odds we should consider a minimum number of bets on a multi-bet and we recommend a minimum of 10 matches with odds not more than 2.00 and also minimum stake let’s say half of your deposit if possible.

  1. Always be informed on match start time among other relevant Information.

For a bookie it’s always important to know the dates and time of each event to avoid betting on matches that will be probably be played 2 to 4 days ahead.

If you really want to win, we recommend you place multi-bets that are on the same day and also have similar start time.

Other very important information is the line-up and team form. Since you know the starting time it’s actually much easier to plan and this will give you time to read on articles as well as other prediction tips.

  1. Play smart and avoid being a fanatic.

First of all a fanatic is a single minded person and what he believes in its always right even if the odds are against him/her these clouds your judgement and you are doomed to lose.

On playing smart we should at least place a reasonable stake using up all the money in a multi-bet may result in tragic loss if one on the chosen matches may fail resulting in total loss.

In the event a bookmaker offers free bets or bonuses it’s always important to ensure you are familiar with the rules of engagement and are we recommend you use free bets on hard game.

  1. Always be optimistic and confident with your pick.

Being hopeful can bring some luck that you may have not anticipated resulting in lucky win but the moment you have lost all hope is when you lose it all.

When picking each team most of us look at head-to-head results on previous encounters between teams therefore being in a better position to win.

Majority of the time this works but it won’t hurt being in touch with current news on injuries, forms and transfers this also helps you to understand the possible outcome.

  1. Always Double-Check before placing the final bet-slip

Sometimes you may be in a hurry to place bets before the match starts therefore making rush decision that you will later on regret and later on start think on want you should have done right.

Double checking can also result in a change of mind on an outcome that could have been always right from the start.

It advisable to revisit the difficult games making it hard to predict and try to outline the possible outcome.

  1. Be open minded

Top leagues are some of the most watched games in the world and any stranger you meet has his own view of a team on how it plays and possible line-ups.

Especially the premier league it’s difficult with even big teams that have world class players being beaten by a determined weaker opponent so it always good to keep an open ear.

Should listen and learn from friends with similar betting style share their experiences, however don’t place bets based on someone’s remark be true to yourself.

  1. Be disciplined financially

Since betting is very addictive, you should know when to quit and when to be persistent. When one bets without a care in the world it usually results in debts and you won’t be making a living after all.

Especially if the debts are driving you to mental health problems which results in suicides among other social crimes. When betting always bet wisely don’t be on a losing strike and still trying to win through debts.

We advise to bet with surplus you have, never use basic need money to gamble it always end in tears so be smart, disciplined and well educated on benefits of betting as well as down-falls.

  1. Betting on jackpot

The latest trend is the jackpot whereby 15 matches are offered if you manage to get them all right, you get a chance to win millions. Bookmakers are now a days offering weekly and daily jackpots with lower stake entry.

So it’s advisable to pick a jackpot suitable for your pocket to stand a chance of winning big. The trick with jackpots is to play smart, get information and don’t rush.

Some bookies allow combinations so when you get a chance pick at least the most difficult matches and play the combination options and also note there are limits to number of combinations.

  1. Trust yourself

Some people have that gut feeling gift that enables them to foresee trouble in the future, if you really have that gift use it wisely may pay off.

  1. Think About Your Future

Not everything you touch can turn to gold, so it’s always good to see betting as leisure way of making a living invest in other sectors in the economy.

And with that we wish you, a happy betting experience!